Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The next step... and the next step....and the next step...

Sometimes life is just as simple as the statement, "and the next step is..."

That's my default position when I am faced with the age old task of "eating an elephant - one bite at a time." Right now, that's where we are in the whole "charis homestead adventure." We are keeping up a fairly steady pace of getting things done (either to prepare one house to sell, or to prepare another one to occupy), but there always seems like an endless list of things that still remain before any real significant progress (i.e. living in the country) is made. So, when someone starts asking when we will be able to move into the new place, my answer is, "Well, the next step is..." and I fill in the blank. When the next step gets accomplished can depend on the weather, the availability of funds, or the amount of time I have to get it done. But that is life. And that is the life of one dependent on God's grace. Grace is funny like that. It rarely affords the instant answers we desire (and sometimes demand) but it always provides just enough progress to let you know that you are not alone and that the journey is "going somewhere" even if you're not sure where.

Since I last posted, we have made a good bit of progress at the new homestead considering the limited funds we have had to work with. We have rewired the breaker box, wrapped the unsided portion of the house in Tyvek, cleared out alot of brush and ivy around the creek, cleaned up alot of debris on the property left from previous construction projects, and (as my daughter just reminded me) hung a tire swing. We also have gotten some estimates on some of the "big ticket" projects that will have to be done before we can move in. Hopefully, if we close on the sale of some land that we own, we will have enough to get at least part of those projects accomplished. Also, my parents, who are wonderful and generous people, have graciously donated $1,000 to our budget so that we can complete some sort of storage outbuilding.

At our current house, my wife has painted much of the interior, I have installed gutters and completed some landscaping and flowerbeds in the back yard, we have installed a dog run, and I have replaced some rotten wood (the result of not having the gutters and letting the dogs have free run of the back yard).

So, the next step is...

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